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Did A Latvian Immigrant Rediscover The Secrets Of The Pyramids? Find Out How This Modern Megalithic Structure Was Built... 

Discover The Secrets Of The Coral Castle
Learn How Ed Leedskalnin Built An 1100 Ton Structure Without Modern Tools Or Assistance
Creating A Modern Day Stonehenge...

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Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Dear Friend,

There are many ancient megalithic sites around the world that have intrigued researchers for decades. Some of these are well known such as Baalbek in Lebanon, Solomon's Temple In Israel, the ruins of Sacsayhuaman in Peru, and of course the famous Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England.

Many of the megalithic stones at ancient sites weigh from 100 to well over 1000 tons. Some of which are carved out of the bedrock at the building site, or were actually brought in from miles away. The general consensus with archaeologists and Egyptologists is that the stones were carved by primitive people, motivated by rulers that utilized hundreds, or even thousands, of workers to carve, move and lift them into place.

Unfortunately, for those that believe these theories to be true, that primitive man used primitive means by which to erect these massive megalithic sites, there is one megalithic structure that clearly shows that these theories are not quite correct. It is a contemporary megalithic structure in the United States called the Coral Castle...

What Is The Coral Castle?

Courtesy Of Jeremy Stride Of

The Coral Castle was first built in Florida City by Edward Leedskalnin on a single acre of property that Ed purchased for $12 near the Everglades National Park. This was a much smaller version of the Coral Castle that he would later build in Homestead, Florida, where it is located today. It was said that he built this home out of coral for a woman by the name of Agnes Scuffs. Ed owned and operated a business, giving tours of his megalithic site, until his death in 1951.

There are very few pictures of this original location or his move from Florida City to Homestead up the Old Dixie Highway in the late 1930s. He was seen moving his original coral pieces to their new location with the help of Bob Biggers, a man that had a tractor and trailer, upon which Ed moved his coral pieces, including the 30 ton Obelisk.

Despite being on the main highway of South Florida at that time, no one ever saw him working. Many rumors were started about how this one man was able to single-handedly lift and position hundreds of tons of coral. That is part of the enigma of the Coral Castle, a megalithic structure that was not only built in modern times, but did not require modern machinery or the help of hundreds or thousands of workers. 

One of the best examples of Ed's skill and ingenuity is the famous 9 Ton Gate which is positioned on the east side of the Coral Castle. It was so perfectly balanced that a child could push this 18,000 pound revolving door in a complete circle without any effort.

In the 1980s, when the door ceased to function, a team of engineers were brought in, along with the help of a local university, complete with a 20 ton crane. Though they were able to lift this 9 ton block of coral, they were unable to restore its perfect balance after replacing the ball bearings that it spun on, despite having the benefit of modern ingenuity and technology.

There are many amazing things to see at the Coral Castle, a place that people should visit at least once in their life. It is either a testament to the sheer willpower of one man, and his love for a woman that did not love him, or it may be something much greater. The Coral Castle may very well be, as Edward Leedskalnin said decades ago, physical proof that he did indeed know the secrets of the pyramid builders.

What Will You See At The Coral Castle?

The Coral Castle as it stands today is made of 1100 tons of stone, most of which is constructed of the porous coral at the Homestead site. There are many things to see including The Tower, Ed's place of residence, which was also his tool shop on the lower level. There are many pieces of coral that are designed in a domestic fashion, including a "his and her" set of beds, a child's bed and a cradle for a baby. Ed even had a bathtub made out of coral, many chairs of different sizes and shapes, and a variety of tables.

Some of his most impressive pieces are the largest including his Polaris Telescope, a 20 ton 25 foot tall piece of coral, complete with crosshairs, perfectly aligned with the North Star. This is not the tallest or heaviest of his coral artifacts. The Obelisk that came from Florida City is between 25 and 30 tons, standing at about 40 feet with over 6 feet embedded in the ground.

There are many other interesting things to see including the Crescent of the Moon in that Throne Room, along with several planets. He created a play area for children called the Grotto of the Three Bears, and made a 23 ton Moon Fountain. You can see most of these items on my Pinterest and Facebook page, but here are a few of the most impressive and intriguing items that you will see at the Coral Castle below…

This megalithic sized structure was built by Ed at the Homestead Florida site, something that you can see and even walk through today.

The upper portion is where Ed lived, a small humble area that can be accessed after climbing 16 steps.

It was built with coral blocks indigenous to the Homestead area, allowing him to create this 240 ton living quarters, with some of the coral blocks weighing as much as 9 tons each.

Below his residence is the so-called Tool Room, the place where you can see what many people believe to be the remnants of his antigravity device.

This coral block is actually two separate pieces of coral, one that actually made no relevant sense until just a few years ago.

The shape of this 10 ton megalithic piece bears a striking resemblance to the hundreds of "T" shaped megalithic blocks that have recently been uncovered at the 10,000 year old Gobekli Tepi site in Turkey.

Is this just coincidence, or does this shape play a role in the secrets of the ancient Egyptians that Ed claimed to understand? It is also similar in appearance to the 50 ton Sarsen stones at Stonehenge in England, specifically the Trilithon Horseshoe with lintels on top, the most famous megalithic stone circle of all.

This is the Obelisk, a single piece of coral removed from the ground at Ed's original site for the Coral Castle which he originally made in 1928, and subsequently moved to Homestead Florida in 1939.

There is a very common shape that can be seen at the top of the Obelisk, one that is seen multiple times throughout the Coral Castle.

This shape relates to the research I have done on how Ed incorporated mathematics and symbolism into the Coral Castle. This shape actually is another clue to how he was able to construct this 1100 ton megalithic structure without any help.

This is the Polaris Telescope, The second tallest structure at the Coral Castle complex in Homestead. It is situated adjacent to a large pool, pointing due north, positioned so perfectly that the North Star can be seen through the crosshairs through a triangular "eye piece" positioned on the North Wall.

Ed apparently not only understood how to cut and move enormous coral blocks, but he also understood engineering, allowing him to put this 20 ton piece of coral in the ground so perfectly that you can see the star Polaris.

This is yet another example of Ed's ingenuity, adding to the overall mystery of the Coral Castle.

This is called the Florida Table for obvious reasons as it is shaped in the form of Florida. There is a "finger bowl" in the exact location that Lake Okeechobee would be when looking at a map of this state. 

This "finger bowl" can be found elsewhere in the Coral Castle, representing another pattern that can be seen repeating itself throughout the Coral Castle, clues to Ed's secret embedded within the stones.

This is the Crescent of the East, another coral piece that Ed brought from Florida City. This particular image is taken from outside of the east wall which is why, if you have ever seen this image before, it will appear inverted.

What you will notice about the architecture of the coral pieces from Florida City is that there is a very naturalistic theme. The use of the Moon, as well as the planets Venus, Mars, and even Saturn, are situated around what is called Ed's Throne Room, adjacent to the North Wall and Crown.

Part of the mystery of the Coral Castle is not simply how Ed was able to build this on his own, but his incorporation of mathematics, science, astronomy, and symbology. Ed was also obsessed with electromagnetism, evidenced by his published pamphlets and his famous Flywheel in the Tool Room.

This is the Flywheel, something that many people believe to be the remnants of what was once a fully functional antigravity machine. There are even rumors that Ed knew Nikola Tesla during his time in Homestead, which is why he became obsessed with electromagnetism.

This represents yet another mystery of the Coral Castle, another clue about the techniques that Ed Leedskalnin may have used to lift megalithic sized blocks of coral. 

This is Ed's Sundial, a unique clock of sorts that Ed purportedly used to tell time. The hours of 9 AM to 4 PM are designated on the Sundial, leading many people to believe it was nothing more than a concave clock made of coral and cement.

However, this Sundial did not just measure time. It also shows the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. This secret has been hiding in plain sight for decades, and is an important clue to understanding the mysteries of the Coral Castle.

How Did Ed Build The Coral Castle?

There are many theories on how Ed built the Coral Castle. Most people assume that Ed used ropes and pulleys, entirely conventional techniques to move and position 1100 tons of coral. However, when looking at what Ed has accomplished, the mystery is not just about moving large blocks of coral. The Coral Castle is much more complex, a literal puzzle "written" in stone.

One of the best videos on Youtube on this topic is a video of the In Search Of... television show, the one that first broke the mystery of the Coral Castle on a national level. This program aired in the early 1980's, well over 30 years ago. The episode clearly shows how difficult it was for professionals at a coral quarry to lift a 5 ton block of coral using heavy machinery. Yet Ed was able to create the Coral Castle without using any machinery at all.

Ed Leedskalnin was a very diverse individual, a person that understood engineering, astronomy, science and, most obviously, the secret to weights and balances. For a man that had a fourth-grade education, who came to the United States with only the Florida City library at his disposal, it is hard to imagine that this one man could accomplish and learn so much.

But what if his accomplishments were not the result of engineering or science as we know it? What if he had truly rediscovered the secrets of the pyramid builders, giving him the ability to create this megalithic structure that no one today can replicate? I believe that I have discovered how Ed was able to create an 1100 ton megalithic structure, the only contemporary example of this forgotten technology that exists today. This is what Coral Castle Explained is about...

Introducing Coral Castle Explained

This book, Coral Castle Explained, represents over two decades of work that I have done on this topic. In fact, I first became intrigued with the Coral Castle after watching the In Search Of... episode mentioned above. It was hard for me to understand how a single person could do this all on their own, and after taking a trip to see it for myself, I realized there was much more to this than simply a man with pulleys, ropes, and a lot of determination.

So what will you learn in my book Coral Castle Explained? In this 28 chapter book, I present my ideas on how I believe Ed Leedskalnin was able to build this megalithic structure. I should state that I do not possess the powers of levitation, nor can I create a Coral Castle of my own.

Just as a skeptic cannot build a megalithic structure with ropes and pulleys, and an Egyptologist cannot recreate a Great Pyramid of Giza, yet both of these camps have people that publish their theories despite having no tangible empirical proof, I think I am safe in presenting my theory on how Ed built the Coral Castle, one that I think you may find intriguing in the context of how most megaliths may have been constructed.

Coral Castle Explained - Table Of Contents

This book initially started with only 10 chapters, but over the years I have added 18 more. I will continue to add additional material as I learn more, something that you will get as a free update as they occur. Here is a chapter summary to show you what is in Coral Castle Explained.

Chapter 1 – Two Castles – Two Histories
Chapter 2 – A Brief History of the Coral Castle – Standard Version
Chapter 3 - A Brief History of the Coral Castle – Enhanced Version

Chapter 4 – A Riddle in Stone
Chapter 5 – The “First Coral Castle” or “Ed’s Place”
Chapter 6 – Symbolism and Architecture at “Ed’s Place”
Chapter 7 – The “Second Coral Castle” or “Rock Gate Park”
Chapter 8 – Symbolism and Architecture at “Rock Gate Park”
Chapter 9 – Signs of “Sweet Sixteen”
Chapter 10 – The Monkey in the Shells
Chapter 11 – Phi in the Stones
Chapter 12 – A Glitch in the Theory?
Chapter 13 – Hyperdimensional Physics and Phi
Chapter 14 – It’s in the Geometry, Stupid!
Chapter 15 – Water and Earth Energy
Chapter 16 – Frequencies and Water
Chapter 17 – The Giza Coral Castle Connection
Chapter 18 – Calcite and the Pineal Gland
Chapter 19 – Morphogenetic Fields and Intent
Chapter 20 – How Ed “Got the Power”
Chapter 21 – A Journey of Discovery
Chapter 22 – An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 23 – Measurement of a Ghost
Chapter 24 – Ed’s Last Words
Chapter 25 – Why Ed Died
Chapter 26 – Merkabah and Hemispheric Synchronization
Chapter 27 – How We Can Do What Ed Did
Chapter 28 – Why the Coral Castle is Important
Chronology of Edward Leedskalnin
Resource Links

This book also correlates very well with my Youtube videos that I have uploaded for years. This book represents core ideas on this topic, ideas that may get more people thinking more about how Ed built the Coral Castle.

Additional Information You Will Learn

Here is a bullet point list of topics that will be discussed in the chapters of Coral Castle Explained. The book goes into great detail on ideas related to the construction of this megalith including mathematics, physics, symbology, harmonics, and even the pineal gland.

Let's look at just 20 or 30 things you will learn in this book, information and ideas that may lead to understanding the enigma that is Edward Leedskalnin... 

  • You will learn the "Standard" and "Enhanced" version of the history of Ed Leedskalnin, and how the latter clearly shows how mysterious Ed and the Coral Castle truly are.
  • An in-depth look at many of the coral pieces that Ed created will be presented, including a detailed look at the Tower, Obelisk, Moon Fountain, and many others.

  • You will learn how the different pieces of the Coral Castle actually present what I call a "Riddle in Stone", one that Ed left behind to help us understand what he accomplished.

  • I will show you how symbolism can be found in much of the architecture at the Coral Castle, and how these symbols are clues to Ed's secret.

  • The book will examine the different versions of Coral Castle that Ed made, each representing a different "mindset" and more clues to how he manipulated and moved the coral blocks.

  • I will expose the mystery of Ed's "Sweet Sixteen", revealing the true meaning behind this number in relation to the Coral Castle. (Hint: it's not Agnes)

  • You will learn how a mathematical constant found in nature may be the answer to how Ed learned the "Secrets of the Pyramid Builders" and where it can be found at the Coral Castle.
  • Learn how what I call the "Monkey in the Shells" began my journey in writing this book, and how it relates to Ed's ability to move megalithic stones. 
  • Discover how Ed used geometry, resonant frequencies and water in rediscovering the techniques of the ancient megalith builders.
  • I will show you the connection between the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Coral Castle, a connection that has just been discovered.

  • Find out how the pineal gland is connected to Ed's secret, along with what science calls morphogenetic fields.

  • Discover how Ed built the Coral Castle not once but twice using the secrets of the ancient pyramid builders.

  • Some eye witnesses were rumored to have heard Ed singing to the stones, making them float like "hydrogen balloons". Learn why this may not be too far from the truth.

  • Quantum physics may play a large role in how Ed created the Coral Castle. Learn how a little known branch of quantum physics led me to the real meaning of "Sweet Sixteen".

  • Learn how the teachings of Carl Jung, Plato, and modern physics may hold the answers to Ed's secret.

  • See how DNA, the theory of relativity, and the structure of the benzene ring are related to how Ed built the Coral Castle.

  • Discover the real reason Ed Leedskalnin died. New research has uncovered the startling truth. 

  • Ed left one last message for us all written at the Coral Castle. Learn what the message was, and how it relates to this megalithic structure.

  • Learn how Ed's fight with tuberculosis may have been the key to how he rediscovered the secrets of the Masons.

  • Discover how Fibonacci mathematics is related to Ed's secret, and why mathematics may be the key to finally revealing Ed's abilities.

  • Edward Leedskalnin's famous "Secret of the Universe" numbers are finally explained, revealing an even greater mystery.

  • And Much More ...

My 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!

If you are not sure if you want to read Coral Castle Explained, let me take away any apprehension you may have. You are covered by my 100% money back guarantee. This is the same guarantee that you would have purchasing any book online. I believe you are going to enjoy reading Coral Castle Explained, so all the risk is on me.

You only need to pay for $37 $27 $17 $9.97 to read this book today. Hopefully you will read this book and enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

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Download Coral Castle Explained Today!

The Coral Castle is one of the most intriguing mysteries that exists on the Earth today. It is a modern day enigma, one that makes it impossible for the conventional thinking of Egyptologists and skeptics to ignore. Download this book today to learn how one man built an 1100 ton megalith without modern tools and machinery, a book that you will definitely enjoy.


Michael Kohler
Coral Castle Explained

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